Ideas to Help Business During Slumps Season

off season

There are certain times when your business experience when it is booming and lacking. In this article, we will know some list of business ideas on how to keep the business grow. And keep the customer engage even during off season.

Off Season Discount

Do you know how hotels and resorts offer reduced room rates off season to draw customers in? Learn from these businesses and offer discounts on your services to get your clients thinking about tasks. They usually do at the last minute or are far down on their to-do lists. It is either creating a living will or reconciling bank statements. Offering a discount could be an incentive for your clients to be proactive. Another business idea for marketing growth for your business is to keep in touch by email. To let your customer know you are still available to provide services during the off season. You may include a menu of items pertinent to your customer’s personal or business needs.

Promote Retainer Discount

To maintain the cash to come all year long, try to offer your customers a discount for hiring your business on a retainer. Instead of paying on a per-project basis. As a business owner, you know the end of a project is never really the end.  Create with an individualized offering for each customer detailing what you will be doing monthly for them. Make sure to be specific as to how this will improve their circumstances overall.

Offer New Services

Help with your staff to think of other services you can offer your customer. An example is KAPERS partner program to make it easy to offer business formation. And compliance services to your customers without you having to do the work.  We also offer new paint job in Panama City after hurricane Michael.

Make Connections

It is a great time to ramp up your business connections during the off-season by partnering with other businesses. As well as,  volunteering in the community and networking at business events. Try asking your customers what other services they use. And check if you can meet with the other businesses to strike up a partnership. Try to think outside the box when looking for partners or places to volunteer.  For example, local schools always need professional help. The community events are always looking for sponsors.

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